4 Benefits of Taking a Break from Social Media

Many of us, myself included use social media daily. From the moment we wake up in the morning up until the very second we are about to fall asleep, we check for any possible updates on social media. Thinking about this made me wonder how much social media is truly taking a toll on all of us. That is why this blog post will discuss 4 benefits of taking a break from social media.

  1. Valuable free time: When you spend more time off of social media, that frees up your schedule some. You are then able to find more time doing something productive like, working, exercising, getting important tasks completed like chores and/or errands. This ample free time will allow for new opportunities and who knows where that may lead. Take a look at this article by Cultivate to see 46 awesome things to do instead of scrolling social media.
  2. Reconnecting with the real world: Taking a break from social media allows you to plug into the places and people all around you, instead of social media. During the social media break you can find more time to actually see and spend time with someone in person, instead of chatting online. It is important to spend time together in person because it keeps human contact alive, which also prevents loneliness. There is also the option to spend time in nature, the world is so big and beautiful and spending time in nature is so very rewarding. Check out this article by MindBodyGreen to learn 5 ways to reconnect with nature, it is very insightful!
  3. Privacy: Taking a break from social media gives you more privacy. So much information is visible online through social media. Many people can view your profiles, including job recruiters, hackers, and even government officials. It is very important to be wary about what you post on social media to protect yourself. Watch this video by TEDxMarin where Denelle Dixon discusses online privacy.
  4. Health advantages: With the increased use of social media, there has also been an increase in common health issues such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression. The feeling of anxiety can be reduced by a substantial amount when you are not comparing yourself to others and/or do not feel pressured to meet the standards you see portrayed online. Spending less time on your phone, staring at your screen can lower mental health concerns and also give you a better night’s rest. Read this article by YourHealthMatters to learn why taking a break from social media can be good for your health.

Regardless if it’s for a year, six months, a week, or even two days, take the time to step back from social media to experience the greatness of the world around you. You won’t regret it!

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3 Up- and- Coming Social Media Platforms Emerging in 2019

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, and Tumblr have been dominating the social media platform world for years now. So many people use and love all of these different social media platforms for various reasons. Have you wondered what the next up-and- coming social media platforms are? Are you curious to know what everyone’s new favorite social media sites will be next? If so, keep reading! This blog post is dedicated to the social media platforms on the rise.

  1. Vero– Have you heard of Vero? Vero is an algorithm and ad free app, that is currently free of charge. This app focuses more on content, and less advertisement. Some people consider this app like an Instagram alternative. Vero believes in making sharing online more like real life, which means when using this app you get the opportunity to decide which posts get seen by who, and whether or not it’s a photo, a song, a book or movie that you share with others. Pretty cool right? Check out this video by Vero which explains Vero in two minutes.
  2. TikTok– TikTok is an app for short film mobile videos. This app works to capture and present people’s knowledge, creativity, and valuable life moments that happen in everyday life. This app is great because it encourages everyone to be a creator, and this app makes creating so easy because you can create the videos with your cell phone. Read this article from the New York Times to learn more about TikTok and how this app is rewriting the world!
  3. Houseparty– Houseparty is an app that allows you to connect with those you care most about via video chat . This app is a face to face social networking platform that enables group video chatting through mobile and desktop apps. This app believes in making being together as easy as showing up. The Houseparty app also provides games within the app that you can play with those you are video chatting with. Check out this article by SocialMediaToday that gives more information about the Houseparty app and the games that are included in the app!

All three of these up-and-coming apps offer something unique and different for their users, which is what makes each of these apps great. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post. In the comments below let me know if you have already tried any of the apps listed above and your thoughts about them.

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What Are The Top Social Media Platforms in 2019?

Hey blog readers! I hope all is well, today I want to discuss some of the top social media platforms today. Many of us are not strangers to social media. When thinking of social media, some of us may a favorite social media platform that comes to mind, but do you know what the top social media platforms are today? And do you know why they are so popular? Keep reading to find out!

  1. Facebook– Facebook is one of the most visited social media sites that exist today! According to an article by Small Business Trends, Facebook has more than 1.59 billion monthly active users, which makes it one of the best social media platforms to connect with others. On Facebook you can catch up with old friends, or find new friends very easily, which is why I believe it is such a popular social media site today. Regardless of your reason for using Facebook (business or personal) when using it consistently, you may find many benefits.
  2. Instagram– Instagram is the next social media platform that is extremely popular today. According to an in-depth article by Statista, Instagram now has reached over 1 billion monthly active users, that’s a lot! Instagram is so popular and loved today because people are highly receptive to imagery. We like to look at pretty, and engaging photos and that is what the Instagram app is filled with. This app leaves people coming back for more!
  3. Youtube– Youtube is a video-sharing social media platform. Many people get on Youtube daily, according to an article by MerchDope which provided several interesting facts about Youtube, the article said that this specific social media platform gets over 30 million visitors a day! Youtube is so popular because it is so easy to find and learn anything within just a few minutes. YouTube provides such a variety of videos, which is why this social media platform is so loved today!

Each of the social media platforms listed above, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube all provide something unique for their users, but what each of them have in common is their ability to create engagement among others, whether that be by sharing posts, posting beautiful photos, or uploading videos, all of these sites create an opportunity for people to connect, engage, and meet other people. This is why these social media platforms are so popular today, because at the end of the day all we want to do is connect and engage with others.

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What Makes LinkedIn so Important Today? Here are 3 Reasons.

LinkedIn was first founded in 2002 and has gained very much popularity since then. Many people use LinkedIn for various reasons, whether that be as a networking tool, applying for jobs, learning tips and tricks about the workforce, connecting with co-workers and/or friends, or etc. As LinkedIn has become more popular over the years, the importance of having an actual LinkedIn account as a professional has grown as well.

This blog post will highlight 3 reasons why LinkedIn is so important in today’s day and age!

1. LinkedIn is Great for Connecting With Other Professionals. Having a LinkedIn account gives you access to professional people all around the world! You can connect with other professionals who work in the field you work in, or connect with those who work in the field you aspire to work in. Having access and the opportunity to connect with other professionals worldwide is the first step in networking online. This video by Professor Heather Austin gives a few LinkedIn networking tips.

2. LinkedIn is One of The Best Places To Go To Get Hired. On the LikedIn site, once you log in, at the top of the page there is a Jobs tab that allows you to search for different types of jobs in various locations. By applying for jobs via LinkedIn it allows you learn more about that specific company and possibly see who works at the company you wish to work for, this will give you the opportunity to potentially connect with those who work with the company, or at least give you knowledge on who to address your cover letter to. An article by the Prepary gives information on using easy apply for jobs via LinkedIn.

3. Manage & Promote Yourself as a Brand and a Professional. LinkedIn gives their users the wonderful opportunity to not only increase their visibility but to also increase their credibility. The site offers options to upload videos, awards, blogs, and etc. uploading items like these, highlights your skills and abilities. The accolades, accomplishments and other information you decide to share can be seen by other professionals you are connected with and possibly even recruiters who might be interested in someone like you. Nancy Laws from Lifehack writes an article about useful LinkedIn tips to promote yourself.

If you haven’t already created a LinkedIn account, I hope you now plan to after reading this blog, and if you already have a LinkedIn account I hope you are taking advantage of all the great opportunities and services LinkedIn offers. Comment below and tell me your opinion about LinkedIn.

Hello All!

My name is Chelsea, I am a senior at VCU majoring in Public Relations, and minoring in General Business. This blog was originally created for my Social Media class #MASC336. I will be using this blog as a way to express myself through my thoughts and opinions on various topics! I hope that you will continue to check-in!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today! Many people check Instagram daily. Since there is such a love for Instagram in today’s society, I think it is important to discuss 5 tips and tricks we can all use to help improve our Instagram account feeds in 2019!

  1. Post On Instagram Consistently. By staying active on Instagram it creates more interactions between you and your followers which could generate business results from Instagram. So get to posting!
  2. Post High Quality Photos. High quality photos look captivating. It creates interest among your followers and makes them want to see more of your photos, it may also influence new people to follow you!
  3. Instagram Stories. Posting Instagram stories allows you to get your followers attention by staying on the top of their feed. If your followers begin to watch your stories regularly, it can result in your post ranking higher on their Instagram feeds.
  4. Determine Your Best Time To Post. Posting at the right time has a major impact on the amount of attention and interaction your post receives from your followers. Posting at the best time can create a round of engagement on your posts, which then causes the Instagram algorithm to push your posts higher on your followers feed.
  5. Write Creative and Great Captions. Instagram posts with captions, great captions at that produce more engagement with you and your followers, and can cause your followers to spend more time looking at your posts. Since Instagram prioritizes post by engagement this will be an advantage for you!

I really hope these tips help increase your engagement on your Instagram account which will result in more improved and awesome Instagram accounts in 2019! Best of luck, let me know how it goes!